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LiveOptics collector for GPU



  • Permanently deleted user

    No.  Live Optics only reports the presence of GPU in the inventory, but it does not grab the performance information.  The Operating Systems do not provide native methods for collecting GPU performance.  So, to collect GPU performance, one would require the user to install third party software prior to collection.  Such a workflow presents many challenges and at this time is not on our roadmap.

  • J.J. McDaniel

    I would like to request this as a feature request as well.  I know it would be a challenge but surly there is an out of band way to pull the GPU performance data via telemetry, iDRAC, redfish, something.  If you're gathering metrics on a server Live Optics pulling only system info is just part of the puzzle.  If you are trying to pull holistically to find out if that model GPU is working well for that cluster you really need to be able to see a single pane of glass and not have to go to 3rd party such as GRID or something else.

    If open source Grafana can do it why can't you?  You're DELL. C'mon now.



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