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LiveOptics on PowerScale



  • Peter Hunter

    File counts by size would not be in the PowerScale assessment.  What you want is the Dossier scan available with Live Optics.  Dossier will crawl the filesystem and provide a characterization of the numbers, types, sizes, and age of files in the file system.

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  • Ernest Willson

    Peter - thank you for the response!


    When using Dossier, would we just use the /ifs share as the target for the filesystem crawl, in order to catch everything on the box?

  • Peter Hunter

    So, the answer depends.  Yes, /ifs works, but can lead to permissions issues if not setup correctly in Linux/Windows hybrid environments.

    If the system is exporting NFS shares, then we recommend using the Linux Dossier collector to scan each of the NFS shares on a linux system that has them mounted.  We then would recommend using the Windows Dossier collector to scan any Windows shares.  You'll end up with two reports, but you can manually merge them.

    If the system is only exporting Windows shares, then connecting to /ifs will work.  Ideally, you would add the shares individually.  That way you will get reports on each share, which make be useful.


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