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Unexpected error with the SSH connection to server



  • Sam Kirchoff

    I have opened you a ticket, but if your Linux server has tight security where windows can't send the correct authentication to the Linux machine, then use the Linux based collector. An example of this would be RSA security. This is written up in the Security Document. 

    Even if you use the Linux collector and Windows collector separately, you can combine them into one project.  

    Note: the support inbox is and these are Peer Forums. Sorry for any delay in getting this note to your entry. 

  • Daniel Kåkneryd

    Have the same issue, seems it sometimes time out (after 30 seconds) and closes the SSH connection. Tested with a list of 22 linux host having the same configuration, only 7 was added to the run.

    ERROR: 2019-09-10T16:22:51+02:00 RemoteShell::ReadResponse() timeout. cmd='echo "<iokitdata>"; ls -1 --color=never '/sys/block/dm-19/slaves'; echo "</iokitdata>";
    ' server='servername.....'
    2019-09-10T16:22:51+02:00 Setting status to error.
    ERROR: 2019-09-10T16:22:51+02:00 Unable to send data. Channel not established.
    ERROR: 2019-09-10T16:22:51+02:00 RemoteShell::SendCommand() failed for server

  • David Hunter

    Daniel, I am going to open a ticket for you.  Chat with you there.


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