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Add multiple vCenter Servers to an Optical Prime via configuration file



  • David Hunter


    To be clear, you are talking about targeting multiple, vCetners, not multiple ESXi boxes managed by vCetner.

    Optical Prime was not designed to do this.  Clearly, it works with two or three, but I would anticipate problems with adding so many vCenters. I will check with engineering but my experience suggests running them concurrently and independently is the way to go.  We can then aggregate the results.  A time-consuming start, but a smooth final project.

    What kind of business is this?  It's not often I hear if an environment like this.


  • Jon Hokanson

    You are correct, multiple vCenter servers. This is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. I have also now run into an issues with running an optical Prime collection on vCenters that have more than 10,000 VM's on them. Has anyone heard of any limitations (except the VMware limitations) that Live Optuics has while running collects? 





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