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End monitoring early


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  • Sam Kirchoff

    If this is occurring. You need to open a support ticket. 

    The most common issues that cause this are the server rebooting. The collector is session sensitive. So that means the customer can't log out/off or reboot the machine the collector is on until the recording is complete. 

    If the server did not reboot, you can include in the support ticket the TroubleShooting Trace .txt file in the folder where the collector was started. This is how we determine that the collector ended or did not end properly. In this case, there will not be a proper .SIOKIT File, but  two .tmp files. 

    The other option is that the network connection dropped. In this case the .SIOKIT will be in the folder where the trace is. It can simply be uploaded to see the reporting of the full time period. 

    Also, make sure they are using the correct and most current collector version. 


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