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Not a Valid 32 bit application



  • Sam Kirchoff

    Are you sure it's our software :) 

    You would need to open a support ticket at for actual support vs. peer community support. 

  • Jon Catt

    Hey Clayton - did you figure this out in the end?

    I get the same message trying to run LiveOptics on Server 2003 x64.

    Starting with .NET 4.5, the compiler generates an EXE that's marked to be compatible only with Windows version 6.0 and greater, which is Vista and up. Such an executable will fail to run immediately when started on XP and Server 2003, as they are Windows versions 5.0.

    I think that's related to the issue - @Sam Kirchoff - do you have an older version I can download?



  • David Hunter

    Jon and Clayton,

    Windows 2003 is NOT supported.

    Please forgive my mistake.  The Native Win 32 collector will not work in this case.  Windows 2003 is no longer a supported OS by Live Optics.  Sorry for the misinformation.


    It is possible that you could collect from these boxes remotely, by introducing a laptop which can run our 4.5.NET client.

  • Jon Catt

    Thanks David

    Ah - well this page:

    ...could do with a quick update to indicate what you're saying - only remote collection is possible.

    In that case, I have a different problem - on Server 2003 WMI is working for other agents, but I can't connect to it from the LO remote connector - which is currently running against 2 other servers on the same network, same domain, same creds.  Firewall is off so nothing blocked.

    Any pointers you would usually provide would be appreciated.



  • David Hunter

    Try resetting those servers perf counters.  


    1. Although we have routinely performed this procedure without incident, because we are changing system settings, we recommend that you have a full backup of the system before proceeding.
    2. As Administrator launch a command console prompt and run these commands:


    cd %SYSTEMROOT%\system32


    lodctr /R


    1. Now retry the collection

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