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How launch Offline collector for 7 days ?



  • Live Optics Agent

    The Optical Prime collector will allow a 7 day collector run to be selected if the live streaming option is enabled.  This option can be set, even if the HTTPS connection will be blocked and never connects.  The multi-day collector run will still be available for up to 7 days.  


  • Nimesh Soni


    per your comment, if the HTTPS connection is blocked, will the collector's run be saved locally on the end user's system? 

    I have a similar request to Jeremy Chanteduc, I need to have my client run the optical prime run for more than 24hrs but not stream to the LO portal? Once complete, we will upload the output file in LO portal. What is the best way to do this?


    -Nimesh Soni

    Dell Technologies

  • jack firth

    If you run it in online mode for 7 days and HTTPS is blocked where do you get the IOKIT file from? as it does not appear in the directory??




  • Andreas Wolf


    As i had the same problem several times i would be really interrested in solving this thing. Can anyone of the officials give some information?



  • David Hunter

    Andreas-  There are two distinct albeit related issues in the conversation above.  

    Extended Collections (greater than 24 hours).  The Live Optics, Optical Prime set up interface blocks the selection of extended collection if the HTTPS, "Live Feed," option is turned OFF.  The default is set to ON. There is no way to get around this setting, however, it is worth noting that the connection need never actually connect in order for the local collection to succeed.  In other words, if the customer location is locked down, and they want to run an extended collection, have them set up the collector with the HTTPS setting ON, and let the Live Feed fail.  The local collection success is entirely unrelated to the HTTPS, Live Feed status.

    If a Live Optics, Optical Prime collector has fully completed a .siokit will be present in the same folder from where it was executed.  If for some reason the collection is prematurely terminated, the user should be left with two Temporary files instead of the .siokit file.  In the screenshot above, provided by, Jack Firth, there are two possible scenarios.  1) the collector is still running, 2) the collector ended prematurely before it had time to generate the .siokit.  In the latter case, send the two (both are required) Temporary files to us in Live Optics Support, and we can attempt to extract what data was collected prior to the failure.  Including the trace log (same directory) will often give us the ability to determine why the collector failed as well.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • Andreas Wolf

    Thanks for your quick response, David - appreciate it!


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