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Dpack Report using vCenter


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  • Live Optics Agent


    When pointing Optical Prime at vCenter, it will use the web API to discover all hypervisor hosts and data stores associated with vCenter.  Optical Prime will also collect some basic information for each guest OS VM on each host as well.  This information contains set CPU, RAM, and storage information along with other host association information.  You can view all of this information in the Guest VM tab in the Performance View of an Optical Prime project.  

    This basic level of performance information we provide should not be mistaken for a full collector run data set being gathered for all of the VMs on the hosts.  In order for a complete workup to be conducted on a VM server, it would need to be added to Optical Prime at the same time the vCenter instance was added so that we can connect to it using either WMI (Windows) or SSH (Linux) and call for the performance data throughout the 24 (up-to 7 day) collector run.



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