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it would be nice



  • Scott Desbles

    Thanks for the feedback.  We are happy to add new items.

    What specific VMware items would you like to see in Live Optics that are not there today (you mentioned iSCSI netowrking, any others?) and how would you expect to see them (table, graph, etc.).

    The more details you can provide, the faster we can get new items added.

  • Eric Bursley

    I would like to see how the vmknics and the iSCSI initiators are configured. A table with the information would suffice.

    This is what I get from the output of RVTools. from here I can determine how many iSCSI networks they have and how they are configured and to which network card. In this particular example, I can see its misconfigured. The hosts are attached to an SC4020 and only have 1 iSCSI network vs two redundant networks between the redundant controllers.



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