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Proxy Aware



  • David Hunter

    Thanks for adding this here Byron.  The Dev. team takes these posts seriously.

    As I mentioned before, some Proxy setups currently work with Live Optics, others don't.  The biggest hurdle we face with proxy is the lack of Standards for the practice.

  • Tecnología Storage Tenaris

    We have a similar situation. The only viable way to upload the storage SIOKIT is through the collector, but we can't do it on the internal network as we have proxies.

  • Jim Gramke

    DavidHunter:  Is there any documentation for the ones that do work?    Mine is a very simple http squid proxy, but I can't find any way to tell the software to look at it thus far.   -Jim


  • Winfried Noske

    Hi David,

    which proxy setup work?

    I've the same problem with my customer, who is not able to upload NetApp SIOLIT-files via the Collector. On the other side the upload feature of the portal is not able to hande different kind of SIOKIT-files, but just accept OpticalPrime-SIOKIT.

    Since more people request this feature, LiveOptics Engineering should find a solution for this problem.

    Thanks in advance and best regards


  • Jeremy Sherriff

    Kind of hard to say that some proxies work and some don't when there is no GUI function at all so none of them can be configured to attempt to work. Maybe give us a config button and allow for us to attempt to set it up, and you'll find out what does and does not work pretty quick. Label it "alpha testing" if you need, but at least do SOMETHING to make it look like you're trying.

    It's also a bit disingenuous to say there is a lack of standards for proxies (they are defined in the IETF RFC covering HTTP traffic). Perhaps what you mean is there are so many implementations it would be hard to make sure everything works - which would be correct - but I think if you built a standards-compliant HTTP proxy via the CONNECT method it would work for a large portion of your customer base.

    Your base library should also handle this without onerous coding - your app is built on .Net Framework 4.5 which has a mostly-complete, functional, and externally-supported proxy framework.  Ref:

  • John U

    I'd like to bump this as some additional info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    The old days when we could easily open firewall ports to allow direct communication are behind us - it's not impossible, but shouldn't really be necessary in this day and age.

    Even if you can't accomodate every possible proxy server, if any proxies at all work, then it must surely be possible to let us know which one(s) or the type used. Better still would be proxy support built in to the collector.

    Manually uploading siokits is a bit of a kludge.

  • Mark Beigel

    I'd like to bump this one as well.  Just ran into this issue at another customer.

  • David Hunter

    I will bring this up at tomorrows Team meeting and let you all know the official stance.

  • Simon May

    Hi David,

    Can you let us all know were this issue is.



  • Byron Borror

    It's a been a year since the last post in this thread, It looks as though this has yet to be implemented, I'm attempting to upload an SIOKIT from a Networker install on linux. The system I am trying to upload from requires the use of a proxy to get to to HTTP/S.


    Same Here. I am using it since 2017 and every time I need to upload the SIOKIT it become a nightmare. 

  • Gerry Wurlitzer

    The ability to use a proxy server is a MUST HAVE in enterprise environments.
    It is a key criteria for using or not using liveoptics.
    Dealing with that manual file upload for serious usage of liveoptics is not acceptable.

  • Michael Taormina


  • Markus Pfister

    Hello Support Team,
    Looks like your Team Meetings are really long :)
    It is really sad, that still no proxy implementation is inlcluded in this tool.
    Designed for Enterprise, but no Proxy support.
    And upload siokit files < 100 MB allowed :/

    Kind Regards

  • Kristian Snelling

    How are we getting on to make LO Proxy Aware team? This is now definitely 'not a new request'. Thanks

  • Ronald Mccray

    If we allowed SIOKIT files to be uploaded directly to the LO portal the collector itself would not have to be made proxy aware. The customer's browser would presumably be configured to traverse the proxy anyway. Either way, customers behind a proxy need to be able to upload SIOKIT files to the LO portal. +1 on this post. 

  • Joerg Behrens

    Any news?

    I think the problem is getting worse because customer select "using cloud" for uploading results instantly during configuration of the live optics "prime" collector on windows but OS/App  have to use a proxy.

    There isnt any kind of message during the setup process.
    Its was not the first time and i cant remember if we are able to locate a siokit file after the period because we selected instant upload.



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