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Running in XenServer



  • Official comment
    David Hunter

    Hi Fred.

    Yes, for Xen Server 6+, Optical Prime is the way to go.  email us at if you have any issues.

  • Live Optics Agent

    Running Live Optics with Xen Server requires the use of the SSH client in either the Windows or Linux version of Live Optics.  When setting up either version, you would add each node of the Xen Server cluster to Live optics.  After all nodes are added, you would start the software to begin the collector run.

    Should you run into any issues, please open a ticket with Live Optics Support via email at

    Thank you.

    Josh Wilson  

  • Fred Hedrington

    Hi Team. Just checking in as this post is 3 years old. Is this still the best way to collect IO data for a Citrix environment? 


    Fred H.


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