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Customer attempting to run the collector gets this error:



  • Live Optics Agent

    This issue is related to a support issue we have recently discovered in the collector for certain vCenter instances.  I have converted your post to a ticket and will be sending you software you can use to collect performance data from your vCenter instance and ESXi hosts.

    Thank you.


  • David Cabrera Perez


    I have same issue and exact same error. Can you send the same software you mention above pls.



  • Mitch Javeline

    I also have the same issue and exact same error. Can you send the same software my way as well?

  • Gary Hennessy

    Also having this error on our new vCenter. Can you help

  • Joseph Muchemi

    I am getting the same error


    same error. how we can fix this problem ? to know we have  read only on the vcenter.


  • David Hunter

    A VMWare Serverfaultcode is a generic term sometimes followed with more specific reasoning. Most commonly, the Serverfaultcode precedes a vCenter user credential issue and can be solved by either logging in as an Admin user or resetting an admin user password.

    Other more complicated scenarios require that Live Optics see both the VPDX logs, as well as our TroubleShootingTrace.txt files. In such cases, we compare the time stamp of our failure to the timestamps in the VPDX logs, making it critical that the log files are both from the same time frame. Gathering the two records is often most easily accomplished by reattempting Optical Prime and waiting for it to fail. Then immediately exporting the VDPX.


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