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95th Percentile Metrics in .CSV reports?



  • Official comment
    Mohamed Essam

    Hello Jason , 

    Thank you for your feedback , this is a feature request 
    I have created a ticket 88606 in order to check this matter with Engineering team 

    Let me know if you need further assistance 

  • David Hunter

    Hi Jason-  I am reviewing your Feature Request and want to ensure I understand what you are looking for. 

    Optical Prime does include 95th% IOPS in its General XLSX reports. 

    Are you referring to the VMWare XLSX?  Or another platform entirely?

  • Jason Hunkin

    Hi David

    In the VMWare report, under the VM Performance tab is where I would like to be able to see the 95th % IOPS as this will give me the PER VM metrics. The other General report only provides 95 % IOPS for the hypervisors and associated datastores. 

    Many thanks

  • David Hunter

    I have added an official Feature Request, Jason.


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