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Unity NAS Change Rate



  • Permanently deleted user

    The Unity collection would be best for this.  However, you would need to run the collection back to back:

    • Point the Live Optics collector at the Unity array and collect N days of data
    • N could be 1, 2, 7, etc
    • Wait N days
    • Run the collector again and point at the same array collecting N days of data

    You now will have two projects.  Download the Excel files for each project, and then compare the Filesystems tab which has a Size Used column.

    The deltas of the Size Used / N days is the change rate.

  • Permanently deleted user

    At first, I thought that you might be able to run the collector against the Unity array and select a day from 30 days ago, and then run a second time with the most recent day.  However, the collector grabs the volume capacity information from the latest value - not from the historical performance data.  So, you must run twice with some interval of N days in between the two collection runs.


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