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VNX Data Collection Error



  • Steve Wiggs

    i had the same problem, i was running the collector from within the downloaded zip file. once i extracted the collector to local disk, and ran again, it was fine.

  • Raymond Xiaotao Chen

    I had the same problem. How to fix this issue ??????

  • Live Optics Agent

    We have been seeing these issues come up for a small set of NAR/SPCollect files uploaded to Live Optics.  I have worked a=on a few of them and have been able to get the projects created.  If you are having this error, please submit a ticket to  In your ticket, please include a method to download the NAR and SPCollect files that were uploaded when this issue was received as well as attach the LivEoptics_TroubleshootingTrace.txt file.  

    I will take a look at it and perform two actions.  First, I will try to create a project for you so that you can get your reports back for analysis.  Second, I will have our dev team look into this to see what could be causing this error and preventing it from future occurrence.


    Josh Wilson  (Live Optics Support Team)


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