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Collector hanging @ 100%



  • Live Optics Agent


    This is a great question that sounds geared for a DPACK Support ticket.  As a general answer, the DPACK collector software creates the DPACK_Temp file in the same DellPack folder where the DPACK EXE file is located.  It should be there up until the DPACK software combines both and creates a SIOKIT file.

    I have forwarded your post to the DPACK Support Team to work with you and review the details of your issue.


  • David Hunter

    Also-  On rare occasions, if the DPACK .net Collector is run from the CMD line, the output files (Trace,Temp, siokit) can be saved in the DIR where you ran the CMD.


  • Solutions Architecture

    I'm running into the same issue here. Any updates or suggestions would be appreciated.


    I was running in offline mode so it would collect to a local file. Clicking "Stop" doesn't work, and when I close the app, it tells me it'll lose data. Then it just hangs with a status message saying "Please wait for a moment as we cancel the operation."

  • Rory Carlin

    I wasn't able to resolve this issue, but I was able to work around it by removing the .NET version and installing the regular Windows version.  I had to run the collection over again :( but it worked OK :)


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