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How to convert SPcollect to SIOKIT?



  • Tetsuya Abe


    It was an event that occurred when Collector was used without being expanded. 

  • Peter O Gorman

    What was the solution to this? I am trying to test some old SP Collects and NAR files and getting a error message say "Failed to extract the arrayconfig.xml file from the SP Collect zip file...."

    Any Solutions?

  • Scott Desbles

    First, make sure you first extracted the files form the downloaded zip file.  If you do not extract first, the collector cannot operate correctly.

    Second, make sure you are providing the collector the original zip file create from the SPCollect function.  Either or is fine.

    If none of these are your issue, please open a support ticket.

  • Nikolay Pylnev

    Please help to solve this problem.Absolutely the same error:

    Start LiveOptics unzipped already, tried to use different folders, collected fresh SPCollect files 4 times already.

    Still the same error.

    Tried to get ArrayConfig.xml by naviseccli command and put it on SPCollect file but it not helped.

    Here is log

    2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 ArrayConfig.xml
    ERROR: 2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 Going to next file failed.
    ERROR: 2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 Unable to find the * file in the original zip.
    ERROR: 2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 Failed to extract the ArrayConfig.xml from the spcollect ZIP file
    2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 DotNetTargetManager::OnCommunicationError()
    2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 OnCommunicationErrorDuringDiscovery() target= title="Error!" body="Failed to extract the ArrayConfig.xml file from the SPCollect ZIP file: C:\Logs\99M22\" code=536876912
    2018-07-31T09:40:31+03:00 Processing target shutdown for


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