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Shared Project Link



  • David Hunter

    Thanks for posting Jason.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, I believe you are talking about sharing a Copy of a project.  This is the only, “share type,” I can think of where you wouldn’t have direct access.

    We may need to review our description of this process.  When you select, “Share > Make copies of the project for selected users,” you are effectively giving a copy to whoever’s email you have entered.  Perhaps we should add, “Give,” somewhere in the description, maybe:  “Share > Give copies of the project for selected users”.

    If you truly want to share a copy of a project, as in collaborate on it, simply copy the project 1st and then link other users to the copy.  It will then remain in the, “My Projects,” listing in your portal.

    Did I understand you correctly here?

  • Jason Jones

    I was thinking more along the lines of a "dropbox share link" feature.

    The use cases would be

    • Sharing a DPACK project on a group collaboration system (sharepoint, slack, spark)
    • Sharing a DPACK project for a great many people (perhaps a team distribution list)

    Ideally the link could be a read-only link or a collaboration link.  If a user clicks on the link and does not have an account then they sign up for an account.





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