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Changing host name before uploading



  • Eric Ehrhardt

    I'll go ahead and answer my own question here.  There's a button in the window where you add servers to the collection called "Edit Server Name".  Sometimes it's easy to miss stuff that's right in front of you.

  • Live Optics Agent

    As an add-on to your comment, your customer also has the ability to obfuscate the server and disk names at the DPACK collector software level.  Starting DPACK from the command prompt using the switch "/anon" will provide random server and disk names in the project created in DPACK.

    The other way that a project can have the server and disk names changed would be from the DPACK project.  When a project is shared, there is an option to anonymize the project for the recipient.  Additionally, you can also use the Publish option to generate a URL to be accessed outside of the DPACK portal for anybody to access, regardless of access to DPACK.

  • Amara Senerath

    Thank you


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