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DPACK Protocol


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  • David Hunter

    Great question Terry.  Thank you for posting in our new forum as well!

    I'll direct you to a recent KB article for the bulk of your answer.

    DPACK Performance Impact on Local and Remote Windows Servers

    We didn't get into WAN or any public internet based collections in the article because DPACK is designed for local, or LAN collection. 

    Each case is obviously different, and there is nothing inherent to DPACK which would cause failure, but in most cases the process is not recommended when pubic internet is involved.  There are undoubtedly some exceptions- for instance a scenario where fiber transport was available at both ends of a well run ISP. 

    It will never hurt to try, but we wholehearted suggest sticking within your privately managed circle.  Let me know if I covered everything.

    Thank you, David.



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