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Welcome to the release notes for the VM resource distribution chart for Live Optics.  To avail of the most recent releases, please ensure that you download the latest version of the Live Optics collector to get the latest updates and enhancements. We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.


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This graph is in the Optical Prime projects virtual tab under graphs. It classifies VMs as standard or outlier based on the vCPU, Memory, or Provisioned Storage values. If any Virtual Machines exceeds the allocation of 95th% for any of these resources, it is considered an outlier. Any Virtual Machine whose resource allocation in all three categories is below the 95th% will be considered standard.

Unique bars are green and standard bars are blue. The accumulated value for each category is inside the bar with a % of the total as the x-axis. 

Specific information about each VM can be found in the general excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded for every project.

The values in the chart are taken from:

  • Capacity – the value when the data is collected at the time of the collection process. This value matches the free space of the drive on the OS
  • Memory - the value is based on the active memory used from the performance data for Guest VMs
  • vCPU - the value is based on the AvgCpuUsage from the performance based on the last 24 hours.


To learn how to read this chart please refer to the VM Resource Distribution article in the general/blog section of the support site.


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