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Live Optics Agent


Live Optics offers the ability to estimate the monthly cost associated with running your current project in the cloud. All running VMs are priced across three public cloud providers, AWS, Azure and Google. The pricing is a comparative monthly cost at a 1 year commitment pricing discount.


This update provides the choice of selecting the cost from 13 regions. All prices are in US dollars.


Cloud Pricing Regions

The Live Optics Cloud pricing tab provides the user with a mechanism to obtain cloud prices for their project using native vendor APIs to retrieve hosting cost for physical machines or guest VMs. Real-time pricing is retrieved on-demand for 1 year and 3 years using a monthly aggregated price, 24/7 for one month. The pricing is now available for 13 pricing regions. The excel spreadsheet also contains the pricing for the selected region. Both features include the ability to select and deselect physical machines or VMs from the performance tree tab.

The choice of regions include:

  • US East (Virginia) (current Default)
  • Europe (Frankfurt)
  • Australia
  • South America (Sao Paulo)
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Europe (London)
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul)
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
  • US West (California)
  • Canada
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