Release Notes: SQL Server - version 2.1

Live Optics Agent


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10/23/2020 | Version 2.1

New Features/Fixes

SQL Server for Optical Prime now collects and reports SQL Performance metrics during the Optical Prime collection. The data for each discovered SQL Server Instance is collected and presented within its own individual SQL Server viewer. The output of which is in the form of graphs and a downloadable excel report. The Instances also continue to be aggregated as part of the Optical Prime Project, within a SQL Server tab containing links to each SQL Instance collected.

New Features:

  • Collecting SQL Performance metrics
  • Reporting Performance metrics in a downloadable .xlsx report
  • Reporting Performance metrics in graph form on the SQL Instance Project viewer


Known Issues

No knowns issues are currently known for version 2.1.


Known Limitations

The current known limitations of version 2.1 are;

  • Optical Prime Association to SQL Instances only takes places via Live Stream but not when standalone projects are uploaded via SIOKIT.
  • There is no ability to disable this feature in Optical Prime or Workloads SQL Server
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