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Live Optics Agent

Available: 7/7/20

Live Optics Portal Version:

Live Optics Collector Version:

Live Optics Script Versions: Not Applicable


(NEW FUNCTIONALITY!) Data Domain Automated ASUP Retrieval

This new Live Optics Collector feature provides the option of an automated method for retrieving ASUPs.  By specifying an IPv4 address the user can automatically retrieve all ASUP files from a Data Domain, which are then automatically uploaded to Live Optics, parsed and an Excel report is generated.  ASUP upload (from a local folder) is still supported.



The user should have an IPv4 address for a specific DD, along with the credentials for administrative login.


Running the Data Domain assessment

1) Download, and unzip, the Windows Live Optics Collector from the following page:


2) Run the LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe application from the downloaded Collector bundle:



You will be presented with the Live Optics Collector, with which you may already be familiar.  Click on “Data Protection” and then “Data Domain”:




You will then be presented with an options screen, go ahead and select the “Automatically Scan ASUPs” radio button and click Next”…




Here is where you will enter the IPv4 address of the Data Domain you’d like to assess:




Go ahead and enter the IP and then the administrator login credentials and click Next:




You should then see the following pop-up showing the Collector is attempting to connect to the Data Domain:




Upon successful connection and login, the ASUP file(s) download will commence:




From this point, the workflow remains unchanged from the previous release.  You will be taken to the Project naming screen where you can enter a free format project name which will be the name of the project in the Live Optics portal:






Click Next and your ASUP(s) will be uploaded to the Live Optics portal for parsing and processing.  (Please note that the files must be a .txt file in order for it to upload):





When the project is done processing, you will receive an email notification.  The report generated by Live Optics/Data Domain is an Excel workbook which contains useful key performance indicators and other health/performance related info useful for providing run-time insight into the Data Domain.


Known Issues/Limitations

  • Supported DD OS’s: 6.2 and 7.0
  • DD OS versions after 7.0 will be supported in subsequent version. Support for versions prior to DD OS 6.2 is not currently planned.




Requests for Enhancement

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