SIOKITS for SQL Server with Optical Prime

Live Optics Agent

Live Optics supports data analysis to help you understand your databases, the first one being the SQL Server.  We have now released a feature which allows the collection of SQL Servers through the same Optical Prime collection. 

Using the Live Optics collector, configuration data is captured, analyzed and compiled into a Project and viewed from the online viewer or is compiled into an SIOKIT for you to upload later through the collector.

SIOKITs are an encrypted collection of files, much like a zip, that contain specific information gathered from the environment at the time of collection. A .iokit (read/write kit) is the local copy of what is typically uploaded to create a project.  A .siokit is a secure (encrypted) .iokit.

If you have one or more SQL Servers installed inside your environment, you will find one Optical Prime SIOKIT and one or more SQL SIOKIT (one SIOKIT per SQL Server Instance).

The Optical Prime SIOKIT will show the server name.siokit while the SQL SIOKIT will have the letters SQL appear at the beginning of the file name.

To upload an SIOKIT, please choose the UPLOAD SIOKIT option within the collector.

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