Instructions to run a collection for Workloads SQL Server in Limited Preview Mode with Optical Prime (05/12/20)

Live Optics Agent


Live Optics supports data analysis to help you understand your databases, the first one being the SQL Server.  We have now released a feature which allows the collection of SQL Servers through the same Optical Prime collection.  

Using the Live Optics collector, configuration data is captured, analyzed and compiled into a Project and viewed from the online viewer. Performance collection and output ability will be in a later release. 

This document outlines the process on how to run an SQL Server Collection in Limited Preview Mode from Optical Prime in the Live Optics Collector.


Collect from Optical Prime

There are no changes to the Optical Prime collector when collecting SQL Server. This is an automated process which discovers SQL Servers within the environment, collects the data and presents each SQL Server Instance as a single SQL Server Project on the Live Optics Web Portal. For more information on how to collect from Optical Prime, please see KB Running Optical Prime in Extended Mode (Windows).


View Project Results


  • Log in to the Live Optics web portal (
  • To view the SQL Server Project that has been collected using Optical Prime, you can navigate and select Search Project from the left side panel in the web portal.




NOTE: Recent projects are listed on the dashboard, however, SQL Projects spawned from Optical Prime collections will only appear in the dashboard when they are processing or in an error state. A completed SQL Project that is spawned from an Optical Prime collection will not appear in the dashboard.


  • Here you can choose to view only SQL Server projects by choosing SQL Server and only SQL Server Projects will be displayed.




  • To open a SQL Server Project, click on the project name to view the SQL Server viewer and all associated config for that SQL Server Instance.






For more information on FAQ, Release Notes, definitions and Product Matrix for this release, please click HERE.




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