Cloud Pricing - AWS (04/04/2020)

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  • Cloud pricing tool takes the configuration of the on-Prem VMs assessed by LO (Guest VMs and Physical Serves with no hypervisors) and queries the price of hosting the assessed VMs on the 3 main cloud providers (AWS, Azure and Google cloud)
  • Pricing Is provided for 3 Tiers (On- Demand, 1 year and 3 years Pricing)
  • For the 1st release we are only supporting pricing for AWS
  • Pricing is exported in the same Optical Prime excel sheet


Entry Point:

Enter your Optical Prime project and select export

Access your Optical Prime project and select "Export" on the top right menu       



Select “Download to Excel”

Select “Download to Excel” from the “Export” menu



Save the excel to your computer.


Pricing Factors:

  • We have some fixed factors that we use while Pricing AWS nodes, these factors are listed below:
    • Pricing is based on the below configuration parameters for each of the assessed nodes:
      • Number of CPUs
      • Memory
      • Operating System
      • Storage
      • IOPS (If Fulfilled by the API)
      • Clock Speed
    • Pricing is based on the below fixed Assumptions from the provider side:
      • VMs are running 24/7 For the whole month
      • Currency: USD
      • Region: US East (N.Virginia)
      • Monthly Aggregation of the price
    • Pricing is done for Guest VMs and Physical Servers with no Hypervisors
    • We are pricing based on SSD storage option
    • Burstable instances are excluded from our pricing model
    • Pricing include the base license price for the OS
    • Pricing is for shared tenancy


Data Dictionary



Data Center Name

The VM Data Center name. If the server is not part of a cluster this field will be blank

Machine name

The DNS name of the server


Boolean Flag indicating whether this is a Virtual or physical node


·      Number of CPU cores for a physical Node


·      Total Virtual CPUs for the VM

Memory (GB)

Total Memory allocated to the assessed Node

Operating System

Operating system of the assessed Node

Storage (GB)

·      VM max capacity as provisioned by the VMware tools/OS


·      Local disk capacity in GB for physical servers

CPU Clock speed

Clock speed per CPU core for physical servers or the Hypervisor hosting the desired guest VM

Max IOPs

Max IOPs / Node


AWS Server Region

AWS On- Demand Pricing

AWS on demand price in USD (Monthly aggregated)

AWS 1year Price

AWS 1 year contract price in USD (Monthly aggregated)

AWS 3 years Price

AWS 3 years contract price in USD (Monthly aggregated)

AWS Config Match

Boolean flag indicating whether the on prem configuration was exactly matched with an AWS configuration or no

AWS Notes

An annex to the previous field indicating how your pricing was displayed in case no direct match was found for an AWS configuration


Smart Approximation Logic:

  • Smart approximation is the logic we use for the display of pricing in case no direct match was found where we will display the next largest possible configuration with the cheapest pricing if found and it can be illustrated as below:

Price Matched Field

Notes field




No direct match found. Used nearest Largest configuration.”


Configuration Not available


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