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Live Optics Agent

Release Date: 4/9/20 (4/13/20 External), Version 1.0 (Preview Mode)

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Live Optics Script Versions: Not Applicable


(NEW!) Data Domain  

This new Live Optics assessment was created to provide insight into Data Domain systemic health and data processing by parsing Data Domain Auto SUPport (ASUP) files.  The files are to be provided by the user on a Windows workstation/laptop (via any drive mounted to the workstation with has read/write access enabled).  This is useful for assessment of Data Domains at sites where ASUPs are not sent home and which, therefore, are not available to SE’s within Dell EMC (i.e., customers who, by policy or preference, may choose to not transmit ASUPs from their DD appliances).



You, or your customer, should have the ASUPs for a specific DD serial number in a folder on a Windows machine.  All ASUPs from the same DD should be in the same folder.  You can have multiple folders, each for a specific serial number, and they each will be processed as separate projects in Live Optics.  All ASUP files should have a .txt extension (future updates may allow for broader file types, such as .msg) and not be compressed.


Running the Data Domain assessment

  • Download, and unzip, the Windows Live Optics Collector from the following page:


  • Run the LiveOpticsDotNet4_5.exe application from the downloaded Collector bundle:



You will be presented with the Live Optics Collector, with which you may already be familiar.  There is a new Data Protection asset called “Data Domain (Preview)”, click on that:





You will be presented with the folder selection screen, go ahead and click Select Folder:





After you’ve selected the serial-number-specific folder, the Collector will validate the files within the folder.  This could take a little while depending on the number of files in the folder.  When finished you will see a completion notification like such:





Click Next and you will be taken to the Project naming screen.  You can enter a free format project name which will be the name of the project in the Live Optics portal.  For example, you can use the name of the ASUP folder you just ingested in the previous screen:





Click Next and your ASUP(s) will be uploaded to the Live Optics portal for parsing and processing:





When the project is done processing, you will receive an email notification.  The report generated by Live Optics/Data Domain is an Excel workbook which contains useful key performance indicators and other health/performance related info useful for providing run-time insight into the Data Domain.


Known Issues/Limitations

  • DD OS versions prior to 7.0 will be supported in future versions.
    • DD OS 6.2/6.3 are planned to be supported by end of Q1’21


  • Processing of ASUPs is “quiet”, with no indication of progress. While the validation of ASUPs prior to upload is very efficient, uploading hundreds at once can take a few minutes.  A progress bar will be provided in a soon to come release.


Planned Futures

  • Additional Excel sheets to get on parity with DDLS.
  • Automated retrieval and ingestion of ASUPs from a specified Data Domain
  • Automated retrieval of Data Domain support files
  • Data Domain Online Viewer




Requests for Enhancement

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