De-Commissioning of Live Optics Squeeze (10/02/19)

Live Optics Agent


Squeeze is a Live Optics software tool that estimates de-duplication and compression for XtremIO and VMAX Storage arrays.


Decommission notice

 With changes in the Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty program, End Users continue to be able to buy with confidence.  Now with the launch of Unity XT and PowerMax, End Users receive a 3x data guarantee without the need to directly scan a End User’s data. 

Live Optics Squeeze deduplication and compression aggregation software was developed to support complex data reduction estimates for Dell EMC products by performing a thorough scan of an End User’s data.  With this new guarantee structure, Squeeze will be decommissioned at the end of January 2020.

For Dell EMC questions on the new policy and alternate estimation guidance, please reach out to


Going Forward

Squeeze will remain part of the Live Optics collector until the decommission date of January 2020. In support of in-process End User engagements, existing Squeeze projects remain active on the Live Optics portal and Live Optics Technical Support will continue to process Squeeze issues through the decommission date on a best-effort basis.


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