Release Notes: Live Optics for IBM STORWIZE (August 21, 2019)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Live Optics for IBM STORWIZE.  We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.


New Features/Fixes

  • August 20, 2019
    • Initial Release
    • Support for SVC, Storwize V7000 & V5000, and Flash System 9100 & V9000
  • 3 was tested on v7000, some review of the data may be needed for other versions/hw to produce the reports
  • XLSX and PPT report was released in August 2019
  • XLSX direct output from the commands
  • Collector provides the choice of config only or config and performance
    • Performance data is a live collection of data from the array
    • Provide the choice of 10 min, 4 hrs, 8 hrs, 12 hrs and 24 hrs of performance


Known Issues

The following known limitations should be considered when using Live Optics to assess a IBM STORWIZE storage array.

  • Versions v7.3 of IBM STORWIZE is the test array used for this report. All other version of Storwize are expected to work however there may be some variations. If you encounter an issue please contact Live Optics support.


Report Notes:

  • None at this time.


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