Cache Graph - Reprocessing

Team Live Optics

The VNX online viewer contains a cache graph that has variation depending on the version of VNX. For v5.32 (VNX1) and below the chart is a representation of write cache and points out in red the write cache values that exceed > 80% utilization.


With the introduction of v5.33 (VNX2) multi-core cache process changed. This cache chart is a representation of dirty cache pages and is tracked in MB.

The red line is the amount of cache flushing taking place in the array. This chart was introduced to the Live Optics software for VNX versions 5.33 and higher.


Depending on when the VNX project was processed you may receive a cache graph that has not processed using the code for v5.33. If this happens you will see the information displayed below. Reprocessing the project will produce the cache chart.  


Please contact support via email at or to request the project be reprocessed. 

Alternatively, you can also re-upload your project files and the new processing will include the latest graph updates. 

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