Data, PII & GDPR

Sam Kirchoff

Many people ask about data governance and privacy in regards to Live Optics. These questions are generally associated with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or if you live in Europe, perhaps GDPR.

The reality is that Live Optics is governed by the greater Dell Technologies portfolio of companies under an umbrella privacy policy. There is no specific policy for this effort.

However, before we point you to the references below it should be understood that Live Optics is categorically different than the goal of these initiatives as it’s not collecting personal data or company documents. End Users of this technology opt into Live Optics at registration and use their own credentials to gather and submit for processing; meta data, telemetry data, or data that is needed for support/diagnostic efforts.

There is also, at least with the server/virtualization effort the ability to fully anonymize data at the source. You can read up on this feature in the security document itself (below).  

Live Optics does not have unique GDPR documentation but is rather covered in top-level Dell Technologies corporate GDPR messaging in conjunction with the posted Live Optics Security and EULA documents. 

Here are links to the Dell Technologies GDPR compliance pages:

Here are the Live Optics-specific policy documents:

Besides these corporate wide publications Live Optics publishes no further information specific to its effort.  

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