Live Optics Hitachi Instructions (05/31/19)

Live Optics Agent


Live Optics supports the Hitachi VSP Series of Storage, which includes VSP, VSP G200 G400, G600, G800, G1000, G1500 and new series 350, 370, 700 and 900,

Live Optics provides the choice of uploading a configuration only or configuration and performance files

Step 1. Collect Configuration files – AllConf file for a single system


  • Open Storage Navigator, Hitachi's element manager
  • From the menu bar, select Reports -> Configuration Report -> Create Configuration
  • Download the report as a .csv file
  • Save the allconf.csv file


Step 1. Collect Configuration files – AllConf file that manages multiple system


  • Open Hitachi Command Suite
  • Click on the resources tab, will list the arrays being managed
  • Right click on the array to report on
  • From the menu, select Reports -> Create Configuration Report -> Detailed Configuration Report
  • Click apply
  • Task manager will show the progress
  • When complete a new report will be created under the reports tab
  • Select new report -> click download and choose a location


Step 2. Collect performance files – collected through Export Dump

Export Tool MUST match the version of the Hitachi OS

  • Click Download Script to download a zip file containing the runWin.renametobat (Windows), runUnix.renametobat (Unix), and command_uspv.txt files
  • Rename the files to runWin.bat (for Windows) or runUnix.bat (for Unix) and save it to the server running the Hitachi Export Tool along with the command_uspx.txt file
  • Update the command file with the IP Address, User ID, Password, and Collection Period, nothing else needs to change.
  • Follow the instructions in the Performance Monitor User Guide to enable performance monitoring for each device and logical device. Performance monitoring is disabled by default
  • Install the HDS Export Tool. You can find detailed instructions here:
  • Run the HDS Export Tool using the runWin.bat or runUnix.bat script from the Windows or Unix host that has access to the SVP. The Export Tool version must match the SVP microcode version.

Packaging the Data Files

  • Identify the location of the export files (c:\export\output*)
  • Move performance and configuration files to a new folder
  • Files should be in the format
    • csv
    • LDEVEachOfCU_dat
    • Port_dat




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    Kurt Renard


    I dived into the docs about Hitachi collection.

    Unfortunatly, it seems the necessary "export tool" from Hitachi is part of the 'tuning manager' which we do not have license for.

    Till now , I have an "allconf.csv" file for all arrays, but I can only find the pert and LDEV files in format "tsv". I dont know how to generate the "zip" files.

    Any help is welcome, but if I realy need the tuning license, I will not be able to run the collections


    Can you assist us on this?  Thank you!

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  • 0

    Keith Younger

    Thanks Kurt.  I will make sure the Product Manager sees this information.

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    Denise Thomas

    Hi Kurt, 

    Anytime you buy a system, you should a get a CD called “documents and programs”(something like that). On the CD, there should be a directory called Tool Pack. It is one of the tools in the tool pack. You do not need a license to run.

    Anytime, Hitachi does an SW upgrade to system, you should get the tool by default. The Hitachi CE should be able to help with this. 

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