Release Notes: Optical Prime changes for Live Optics – “Inventory Mode” (5/14/2019)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Optical Prime enhancements for Live Optics. We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.

Please make sure you download the latest version of the Live Optics collector to get the latest updates and enhancements


New Features/Fixes


As part of the ongoing improvements we have added 3rd collector option within Optical prime. The 3 options are:

  1. Secure connection to Live Optics web services
  2. Upload of SIOKIT
  3. Inventory mode (NEW)

Inventory mode is the latest collection option that was released.  The main difference is that Inventory mode does not send data back to the Live Optics web services and all data is stored locally as an Excel file.  This Inventory mode Excel file does not include any performance metric or datapoints.  As the name implies the Inventory mode allows the user to collect basic server details including Physical Servers, Hypervisors and VMs as well as other details.  If performance data is required, then remaining 2 collector option must be selected (Secure connection or SIOKIT).



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