Release Notes: Optical Prime changes for Live Optics - "Installed Applications" (04/01/2019)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Optical Prime enhancements for Live Optics.  We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.

Please make sure you download the latest version of the Live Optics collector to get the latest updates and enhancements


New Features/Fixes

As part of the ongoing improvements we have enhanced the “Installed Applications” information and included more detailed information such as the server the application is running on, OS etc.




In addition, we allow you to search for a specific application by entering a phrase in the search line above each field.

You can also select an object such as a server, Hypervisor or Virtual Machine in the tree menu and see the applications that are installed on that specific object


Known issues

For very large projects it might take a bit long (up to 30 seconds) to load the initial installed applications information for the project.

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