Release Notes: Optical Prime changes for Live Optics (03/29/2019)

Live Optics Agent



Welcome to the release notes for Optical Prime enhancements for Live Optics. We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated. <>

Please make sure you download the latest version of the Live Optics collector to get the latest updates and enhancements


New Features/Fixes

As part of the ongoing improvements we have made the following enhancements

1.  Added the disk vendor to the “Disk” and “Cluster Disk” tables in the Optical Prime online viewer. This new field will provide you the vendor name of the array. This is important especially for clustered disks as you can identify the vendor of the arrays in your data center.

** Please be advised that this new feature is currently only available to VMware supplied disks when using collector version or higher.




  1. We have added the Local Server Disks and Cluster Disk information to the Optical Prime primary excel file (LiveOptics_ProjectNumber_MM_+DD_YYYY.xlsx).
    When downloading the primary project excel you will see additional 2 tabs
    - Server Disk : for local server based disks
    - Cluster Disk: for SAN array based disks


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