Product Matrix- Optical Prime

Team Live Optics

The Live Optics, Optical Prime client is available for both:

Windows & Linux OS.


Optical Prime Supported and Unsupported Operating System and Platform Targets:

Supported / Unsupported Targets Platforms / OS        
Platform/OS Run Collector Locally Collect Remotely Remotely Connect from OS   Input   Output
Windows   Servers- Block Drives > Portal Viewer
Windows 2000 SP 4 YES YES NO   vCenter CSV from Portal
Windows XP SP 3 YES YES NO   Hyper-V Node PPT
Windows Server 2003 YES YES YES   Workstations PDF
Windows Vista YES YES YES        
Windows Server 2008 YES YES YES        
Windows 7,8,8.1 YES YES YES        
Windows Server 2012 YES YES YES        
vCenter 3.5+ with ESX servers 3.5 + NO YES YES        
Red Hat EL 4.8, 5,6,7 YES YES YES        
SuSE 10+ YES YES YES        
Ubuntu 11+ YES YES YES        
Gentoo 12+ YES YES YES        
CentOS 5+ YES YES YES        
Solaris 10, 11 NO YES NO        
HP-UX 11.3+ NO YES NO        
Mac OSX NO NO NO        
AIX NO NO NO        
BSD NO NO NO        
Citrix Xen Server 6+ NO YES NO        
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