Release Notes: Live Optics for VMAX3/PowerMax (02/18/2019)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Live Optics for VMAX3 and PowerMax.  This document supersedes all previous release notes for this version of Live Optics for VMAX. We encourage you to check for additional information and updates.

Read This First

Is your VMAX3 connected to Secure Remote Services (SRS) with an unrestricted access policy?  If your answer is yes, then you do not need Live Optics.  Contact your Dell EMC Systems Engineer and ask them to open a request with Presales Solution Services (PSS) to collect the VMAX3 data and generate a VMAX3 Array Report.

If your VMAX3 is not connected to SRS or your SRS connection is restricted, you must open a Service Request at MyService360 to extract the VMAX3 Metrics Files (.DCF).  This procedure must be completed before starting the Live Optics VMAX3 service.  Live Optics does not recommend extracting VMAX3 Metric Files without assistance from qualified Dell EMC Customer Engineer.

The following versions of VMAX3 and PowerMax are supported by Live Optics:

  • VMAX 100K
  • VMAX 200K
  • VMAX 250F/FX
  • VMAX 400K
  • VMAX 450F/FX
  • VMAX 850F/FX
  • VMAX 950F/FX
  • PowerMax 2000/8000

Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in the latest version of Live Optics for VMAX.

  • None at this time

Known Limitations

The following known limitations should be considered when using Live Optics to assess a VMAX3 or PowerMax Storage array.

  • Users are advised that results will be emailed to the Live Optics user and the Sales Engineer (if applicable). Results are not available on the Live Optics portal at this time.
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