Release Notes: Live Optics for HPE 3PAR (01/23/19)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Live Optics for HPE 3PAR.  We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.

New Features/Fixes

  • January 22, 2019
    • Initial Release
      • XLSX report for configuration and performance
      • XLSX direct output from the command
    • Collector provides the choice of config only or config and performance
      • Performance data is historical data on the array
      • Provide the choice of 3 – 7 days of performance

Known Issues

The following known limitations should be considered when using Live Optics to assess a HPE 3PAR storage array.

  • All versions of HPE 3PAR are supported by Live Optics at this time with the caveat:

Testing has been limited to version 3.3.1 therefore it is possible the commands being used may have variations in the output that will cause problems or failures.

Report Notes:

  • The power point report is in the process of being developed


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