Downloading Optical Prime project, Excel (01/04/19)

Keith Younger


Optical Prime, the Server and Virtualization data collector of Live Optics, enables the user to download a complete excel containing the server and VM information of the Live Optics project.

Using the Live Optics collector, configuration and performance data is captured, analyzed and compiled into a Project. The user can download an Excel file that contains the project’s server and VM information

This document outlines the process to download the Optical Prime project excel.

This documents does not outline how to run the Optical Prime collector and assumes you already ran it and have an Optical Prime in Live Optics.

Quick-Start Directions

  1. Access your Optical Prime project
  2. Select “Export” on the top right menu
  3. Select “Download to Excel”
  4. Save the Excel on your computer


Detailed Instructions

Enter your Optical Prime project) and select export

Access your Optical Prime project and select "Export" on the top right menu       


Select “Download to Excel”

Select “Download to Excel” from the “Export” menu


Save the excel to your computer.

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