How to run Live Optics for a NBU Appliance

Live Optics Agent

1. Create temp ftp site (using

2. Upload the latest “” script to the ftp site a. located in <Live_Optics_install_dir>\scripts\

3. SSH to the NBU appliance, login as “admin”

4. Navigate to Support  Maintenance a. Note - The NBU appliance has a “CLISH” (cmd line shell)

5. Enter password for ‘maintenance’

6. Run “Intrusion Prevention System” override script to allow you to ‘elevate’ credentials and drop down to the shell

a. /opt/Symantec/sdcssagent/IPS/

b. Enter Option “2” and select the amount of time (suggestion of 1 hour to complete this process)

7. After the policy has been overridden, sftp to the site created in Step #1

8. Enter the password for the FTP site

9. Type ‘get’ to download the script from the ftp site directly onto the NBU appliance. a. Note – this will save it to the /home/maintenance/ directory on the appliance

10. Enter the following cmd to make the script executable a. chmod +x

11. Type ‘elevate’ to elevate credentials and drop to the shell before executing the script

12. Type the following cmd to execute the script a. ./

13. After the script completes, it will give you the filename

14. Upload it to the same ftp site using the following cmds: a. sftp <login-from-ftp email> b. enter password from email c. put <filename> i. example: quick_nbumaster01.tar.gz ii. filename naming convention for the upload is “quick_<nbumaster-fqdn>.tar.gz d. bye i. to logoff the sftp site

15. Download the .tar.gz file locally and use Live Optics collector to upload file

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