Release Notes: Live Optics for NetWorker (09/25/2018)

Live Optics Agent


These release notes supersede all previous release notes for NetWorker support in Live Optics.  We encourage you to check regularly for additional information and updates.

Release Notes

  • Changes to the format and content of the generated NetWorker XLSX. Using canonical information directly from NetWorker, we now populate the following sheets:

Note that the existing “Top50 Longest Backups”, “Policy Capacity Retention”, “Jobs” and “Job_list_Detailed” sheets were preserved.  The report will also now open with first worksheet selected, all sheets scrolled to the left and the scroll bar properly displayed.  Also, the Client Count from the generated PowerPoint now aligns with client count totaled from the Excel.

Additionally, the look back timeframe has been limited to 120 days based on feedback from the field.  This has been helpful in reducing the time necessary to run and process assessments while also reducing the size of the upload and generated XLSX file.

There was also a fix applied to the inbound parser which was generating bad XML in some cases, and would cause the Power Point generation to fail.  Another fix was implemented for the case where assessments of installations with no backups configured would cause an exception (project failure).

Related Jira Issues (for reference purposes):

  • [LO-2058] NetWorker: New summary tab content/format in XLSX
  • [LO-2059] NetWorker: New client details tab content for XLSX
  • [LO-2066] NetWorker: New saveset info inserted into XLS
  • [LO-2139] NetWorker: Fix display settings on Excel Report
  • [LO-1823] NetWorker: Incorrect client count in PPT
  • [LO-2219] NetWorker: change lookback timeframe from 1 year to 120 days
  • [LO-2251] NetWorker: project fails with error (due to empty assessment)
  • [LO-2279] NetWorker: Fix parsing of raw input files



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