Release Notes: Live Optics for IBM Spectum Protect (TSM) (09/25/2018)

Live Optics Agent


These release notes supersede all previous release notes for IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) support in Live Optics.  We encourage you to check regularly for additional information and updates.

Release Notes

  • Based on feedback from field SME’s and review of support cases, we have limited the lookback on IBM Spectrum Protect assessments to 60 days. This has helped reduce assessment time significantly, along with a reduction in the size of the generated Excel (which has often reached Excel’s row maximum).
  • In addition, the Domain, Mgmt Class, Node and Policy Set tabs were determined to be superfluous and have been removed.
  • The Summary tab now has more targeted information (BACKUP, ARCHIVE, RESTORE, RETRIEVE, INCR_DBBACKUP and FULL_DBBACKUP) as the removed Summary content was deemed to be superfluous by SME’s.



  • Additionally, we also now capture the IBM Spectrum Protect version to facilitate research into support issues.
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