Release Notes: VM Occupancy changes for LiveOptics (09/19/2018)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for VM Occupancy for LiveOptics.  We encourage you to follow this page to receive email notifications when this document is updated.

As part of the ongoing improvements we have added new fields for the Guest VM information table in LiveOptics. Our goal is to continue adding more VM information over time, to allow you to better size new solutions and understand your customers’ virtualization environment

Please make sure you download the latest version of the LiveOptics collector to get the latest updates and enhancements

New Features/Fixes

Adding additional 5 fields to the Guest VM table

  • Guest Hostname: This is the DNS name of the guest OS
  • Guest VM Disk Capacity: This is the VMTools/OS’s perspective of provisioned capacity
  • Guest VM Disk Used: This is the VMTools/OS’s perspective of the used capacity
  • VM Tools version: Installed VM Tools version.
    Please note: if this field is populated (3rd party VM tools is installed) there is a chance that the prior 3 fields might also be blank or zero as they are un-retrievable.
  • Used Memory: Is a more precise measurement of consumed Used Memory outside the VMDK container assignment itself.
  • We have changed the order of the fields in the Guest VM table


Known Issues

If the customer has a 3rd party VM tools installed there is a chance that Guest Hostname, Guest VM Disk Capacity, Guest VM Disk used and VM Tools version might not be populated  


Additional Information

For additional information please review the following blog

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