Generating NetBackup files for Live Optics

Live Optics Agent


Live Optics allows you, your Dell EMC technologists, or Dell EMC partner consultants to understand vital information about your NetBackup environment. To start, it is important to gather the pertinent data files of your backup environment. Live Optics provides you with a simple process to gather, parse and, ultimately, present your data in a clear and understandable way, so that you can make informed decisions to optimize your backup infrastructure.

The collector and file-gathering program is signed and verified by the Dell MEC Certificate Authority. The file-gathering program uses the backup application’s specific commands to generate these files. Publicly available commands for the backup application and files aggregated during the pre-processing phase of collection will reside in your chosen path.


The following list is are required to follow the instructions below.

  • You are an End User with Administrative access to NetBackup
  • For a Windows NetBackup Server, Powershell is installed
  • You have downloaded the latest version of the Live Optics Collector

Watch the video tutorial on how to upload the resulting files here:

Windows Instructions:

To gather the .OUT files for NetBackup, run the .ps1 script on the Windows NetBackup Server following these steps:

  1. Launch PowerShell
  2. Change into the directory that contains the LiveOpticsNetbackupWindows  program by typing: cd [FOLDER]
  3. Run the program by typing into your Powershell window:
    • .\LiveOpticsNetbackupWindows.ps1
    • Allow all of the files to populate into the directory
  4. Select the following options if sufficient space is not available on the CommServe host:
    • Select the Shrink Db check box to minimize the space usage on the database and database log file prior to the backup operation.
    • Select the Enable database(s) backup compressioncheck box to compress the database backup file (*.dmp).
  5. Click the Client Selection tab to back up the log files from clients in the CommCell.
  6. Select the Client(s) from the available list of Clients and click OK.

Linux/Unix Instructions

Manually Backup the Database

To gather the .OUT files for NetBackup, run the script on the Linux/Unix NetBackup Server following these steps:

  1. Launch your terminal
  2. cd into the directory that contains the sh program by typing:
    • cd [FOLDER]
  3. Modify the file permissions to execute:
    • chmod +x
    • ./
  4. Allow all of the files to populate into the directory
  5. Use the Live Optics collector to upload the files into your account


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