Release Notes: Live Optics for VMAX (4/19/2018)

Live Optics Agent


Welcome to the release notes for Live Optics for VMAX.  This document supersedes all previous release notes for this version of Live Optics for VMAX.  We encourage you to check for additional information and updates.

Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in the latest version of Live Optics for VMAX.

  • None at this time

Known Limitations

The following known limitations should be considered when using Live Optics to assess a VMAX Storage array.

  • The following versions of VMAX are supported by Live Optics:
    • VMAX
    • VMAXe
    • VMAX SE
    • VMAX 10K
    • VMAX 20K
    • VMAX 40K
  • The following versions of VMAX are not supported by Live Optics:
    • DMX4
    • VMAX 100K
    • VMAX 200K
    • VMAX 250F/FX
    • VMAX 400K
    • VMAX 450F/FX
    • VMAX 850F/FX
    • VMAX 950F/FX
  • Telemetry information should be collected at 15 minute intervals. Live Optics does not test or guarantee results when collection intervals are less than or greater than 15 minutes.  Live Optics recommends that you utilize Dell EMC Professional Shared Services (PSS) to collect the BTP/TTP files.  Further information is available here:
  • The BTP/TTP Files that contain more than 4 hours of performance information will result in missing data in the output. Do not use Symmerge or other tools to combine the BTP/TTP files into larger files.
  • Live Optics reads the symapi_db.bin file using Solutions Enabler Live Optics cannot open a .bin file that was created by a version of SE that is not supported by  Generally any file created by a Solutions Enabler version lower than SE 7.6 is not supported.
  • The Live Optics software terminates and generates an error message when required information is missing from the BTP/TTP files. This scenario is generally caused by an error in the STP Daemon that is running on the Service Processor.   Live Optics recommends that you contact the local Customer Services person assigned to the system and request them to “reset the STP Daeamon on the Service Processor”.  You will have to collect new BTP/TTP files once this process is complete.
  • The Live Optics for VMAX Assessment is a system level assessment. The tool does not provide information specific to any device in the system. 
  • Live Optics for VMAX does not discern between different emulations CKD (Mainframes), FBA (Open Systems), AS-400.
  • BCV and SRDF R2 devices, SNAP devices, and Federated storage are not included in the storage totals.
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