Performance Tuning When Running Squeeze

Live Optics Agent

The Squeeze program uses more performance resources than other Live Optics Assessments in the standard Live Optics .NET collector.  The scanning and analysis of storage for compression, deduplication, or both requires the program to inspect files in a similar manner as an anti-virus scan and uses approximately the same amount of resources on the source machine and any storage device mounted.

To assist with the load required to run Squeeze, there are two tuning parameters available, "concurrent" and "crunchers".  The below Squeeze parameters explain what each will do to Squeeze performance along with the default value set.

-Concurrent # (Sets the maximum number of concurrent disks to be scanned - Default is 1)
-Crunchers # (Sets the number of processing threads per disk - Default is 3)

Altering either of these parameters can result in a change in performance load used by Squeezes along with changing how fast Squeeze is able to process all of the files it scans.


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