Running the NetBackup Live Optics PowerShell Script

Live Optics Agent

The scripts to collect various Data Protection Software collection output files that can be uploaded to the Live Optics portal were created using Microsoft PowerShell.  

The Live Optics team chose PowerShell as its scripting language because it is the standard and most secure method for running scripts on Windows operating systems. PowerShell scripts are cryptographically signed, guaranteeing the integrity of the script. Batch files can be edited by anyone, and therefore are considered insecure. Therefore, the choice of PowerShell is in alignment with Dell Security best practices and favor of End User security.

There have been reports of the following error message being received when trying to run a PowerShell script:

File C:\temp\LiveOpticsNetbackupWindows.ps1 cannot be loaded because running scripts is disabled on this
system. For more information, see about_Execution_Policies at

For this error message, the following steps should be executed to resolve the issue:

  • Run the following cmd to “bypass”:

    set-executionpolicy -executionpolicy bypass

  • Enter ‘y’ for yes
  • Re-run the script



Please direct any questions or issues running this and other Live Optics scripts to the Live Optics Support team at

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