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How do I access the Dossier software on the Live Optics portal?

There are two methods to access Dossier in Live Optics.  The first method is to click here to go directly to the Dossier page in Live Optics.  You may be prompted to login to Live Optics if not currently logged in.

The second method to access Dossier from Live Optics is to perform the following steps from your Dashboard.

  • Expand left-side menu
  • Click Collectors -> Dossier 

What is the output that I should expect?

All users who run a Dossier collector run should expect a PPTX report containing either an Executive View or Full Report, depending on the option selected during file upload.


Are there instructions on running the Dossier software?

To access the Dossier User Guide on the Live Optics Support site, click here.


Can the Live Optics portal combine multiple Dossier files into a single report?

At this time, the Live Optics portal will not combine multiple Dossier files into a single, aggregated report.  This feature is on the list of updates to Live Optics that will provide additional benefit to the Dossier program.  Updates to Dossier and the other asset types in Live Optics are all prioritized and scheduled according to our Storage Engineering Leadership Advisory Group.


What type of file is generated at the end of a Dossier collector run?

When the Dossier software has completed its collector run, it will create a file ending with ".dossier".  This file should be created in the Dossier folder created when the files are extracted from the downloaded ZIP file from Live Optics.


What operating system(s) does Dossier support?

The Dossier collector software supports Windows operating systems.  The only caveat with Dossier is that it is 64-bit, so it could have issues with any Windows OS that is not x86_64.


What is a Dossier file?

The Dossier file packages all of the pre-processed data into an encrypted file for uploading at a later point in time.  Dossier does not support live streaming of data so the file that is created at the end of the collector run must be uploaded to the Live Optics portal.


What can I do if my Dossier report does not generate when I upload my file?

AFter you upload your Dossier file to Live Optics, it may take a few minutes to generate your report.  If you find that your project is generating an error message or never completes processing, please open a Support ticket at https://support.liveoptics.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Where can I log a Feature Enhancement request?



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  • 3

    John Herlihy

    Am I missing something or is there no document here?

  • -2

    Live Optics Agent


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The FAQ for Dossier will be restored shortly.

    Live Optics Support

  • 1

    William Bradshaw

    03/16/2018 Document is still not available. 

  • 0

    Luiz Ricardo de Mello e Silva



    I'm looking for some documentation to know how interpretate the metrics and terms used on this reports from dossier. Is there any?

    Thanks in advance

  • 0

    Joshua Lay

    Sooo, how 'bout that FAQ document?

  • 0

    Aline De Oliveira

    FAQ doc?

  • 0

    Live Optics Agent

    The FAQ doc being referenced is this page of FAQs for Dossier.  There is no hard copy available.

    Josh  (Live Optics Team)

  • 0

    Allan Watkins

    What is the logic behind the compression and deduplication calculations?  Are they based on any particular type of compression or de-dupe?  E.g. does it assume file-level dedupe (i.e. the whole file has to be identical in order to dedupe) or does it assume a lower level of granularity (i.e. looking for duplicate pages or blocks irrespective of whether the rest of the file is the same)?  I would assume the former, but I don't like to assume...

    Also, I would assume Dossier is oblivious to whether dedupe and compression is in use at the storage layer(?)  So if you have dedupe and compression running in the storage array hosting the file share Dossier will think there are dedupe and compression opportunities when in fact you are already making those savings?


  • 0

    Eric Marzock

    I have questions about the metrics being reported, or the significance of them, but there seems to be little to no explanation of any of them.  Many of the metrics reported are self-explanatory, but many are not.  The information is useless to me and my customers if the metrics aren't explained.  The information probably needs to be included in the Notes section of the PowerPoint.

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