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How does Live Optics calculate the total number of LUNs on VMAX:

We calculate the total number of LUNS by summing the number of Thick LUNs and Thin LUNs.  All source data is extracted with Solutions Enabler.

- Thin LUNS:

Solutions Enabler Command:  symcfg.exe -sid SYM_ID list -tdev -bound -gb -v -output xml_element

Each Device element is considered a thin LUN.

- Thick LUNS:

Solutions Enabler Command:  symdev.exe -sid SYM_ID list -output xml_element

Devices where Device.configuration contains the string TDEV or VDEV are ignored.  Any device less than 20MB in size are ignored.  The remaining devices are considered thick LUNs.

Note: META Head and META Members are both included in this count


What legacy Symmetrix and VMAX systems are supported by Live Optics

Live Optics supports VMAX, VMAXe, VMAX SE, VMAX 10K, VMAX 20K and VMAX40K. Support for VMAX 3rd generation products is currently in development.


What legacy Symmetrix platforms are not supported

Live Optics does not support DMX4 or earlier systems


What versions of Solutions Enabler are supported

Live Optics can read .BIN files that were created by Solutions Enabler 7.6 or above.


What should I do if my customer’s platform is not supported?

Contact Dell EMC Professional Services for additional options.


What files do I need to upload to Live Optics

You must provide the SYMAPI_DB.BIN file and the corresponding BTP/TTP Telemetry files. Contact Dell EMC Customer Service if you need assistance obtaining these files.


What about the #GetModern Assessments?

The PSS team uses the output from Live Optics to provide VMAX assessment reports. 


How do I process VMAX assessments for dark sites?

To process assessments for dark sites, you can either copy the .BIN and Telemetry files to a thumb drive or you can use the Live Optics Collector (on-site) to create an encrypted .SIOKIT file that can be uploaded to Live Optics at a later time.


My Live Optics project completed with an error but there was no indication of the type of error. What should I do?

There are several mechanisms that can cause a Live Optics VMAX project to fail. Please verify the following if you receive an error:

  • Verify that you are using the correct .BIN file
  • Verify that the BTP/TTP files are not from multiple arrays
  • Verify that the .BIN file was created with a supported version of Solutions Enabler
  • Verify that your customer’s VMAX system is supported by Live Optic

Resubmit your project once the above items are verified correct.  If the project fails a second time open up a ticket with Live Optics support.


How can I get support for Live Optics when it is released?

Email support@liveoptics.com and visit the community forum https://dpacksupport.dell.com/hc/en-us/community/topics to post questions and review the blogs


Where can I go to get trained on Live Optics?

Learning Zone pathway, Live Optics YouTube channel (link),  and the Live Optics support site (link) are the best places to find Live optics training information




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